Mr Bennett

Assistant Coach

Mr Michael Bennett

Mr Michael Bennett

Bayside Barracudas Assistant Coach

Through the guidance and encouragement by the pastor from my local Boys Brigade of the Baptist Church, I first began my adventure with rugby league. I was a troubled 9-year-old youth living in inner-city Sydney with very few friends after moving from Brisbane. This was my introduction to a team sport and a world where I would make lifetime friends and experience many wonderful team and personal rewards.

On a personal level I became more engaged with my school, and flourished into a more than just a competent student. The training, mentoring, and support my coaches in rugby league gave me in those early years set me up for an incredible life journey.

Through my rugby league career of 25 years as a player I have been fortunate to play in various school level representative teams, and club teams in Newtown and South Sydney, as well as being contracted to play in the English Rugby league competition. These experiences led me to take on the role as the inaugural president of the Taren Point Seagulls in Sydney.

Since moving to Hervey Bay in 2014, my continued involvement with rugby league has been with the Hervey Bay Seagulls. My current role is assistant to the A-grade coach with qualifications as a League Safe Trainer, Level 1 Sports Trainer, First Aid, CPR and Community Coach. My main role is specialising in hydration, injury identification, injury prevention, taping, and concussion protocols.

As a custodian of a team sport program within Bayside Christian College, my role in assisting the Head of Rugby League is an exciting opportunity to continue passing on the lessons, experiences learnt from my previous, current coaches, mentors and teammates.