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Bayside Christian College is pleased to introduce the Fraser Coast’s most elite Rugby League Development Program for both boys and girls.

Like our namesake, the Bayside Barracudas are a strong and united team of young people, committed to excellence and high performance – Brothers and Sisters to Inspire, Serve and Honour in Unity.

The Bayside Barracuda’s approach to rugby league development is unique within our region and offers outstanding educational and sporting opportunities for our performance athletes.

Announcement: Applications for 2024 are now closed. We are currently accepting applications for students entering Years 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 in 2025.

Apply Now for 2025

With the trials now complete, a selection of students have been offered a place in the program and proceed to the next stage of enrolment into the College.

Applications for 2024 are now closed, but we encourage you to apply for the 2025 intake.

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2024 Barracudas

About Bayside Barracudas

Students will study the game and develop their style of play, undertake specialised training, learn about Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology and Human Sports Performance, have the opportunity to gain Referee and Coaching accreditations. They’ll be supported by their own Mentor, receive Academic assistance, and upon successful Graduation from the Program at the end of Year 12, be invited to join the Barracuda’s Alumni Mentoring Program to receive further support in developing their game and career goals.

With a dedicated and exclusive partnership with the region’s leading community-based Rugby League Club — the Hervey Bay Seagulls, and now boasting the leading A-Grade Coach in the region, Mr Brett Carter, our program not only offers outstanding coaching and development programs but a pathway to the region’s leading Club.

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100% Bursary for College tuition fees

Students selected for this elite program are sponsored and supported in their education by the Bayside Barracudas by way of a 100% Bursary for College Tuition Fees.

Are you determined to be a Barracuda?

Are you strong enough … competitive enough … determined enough to be a Barracuda? If you have what it takes — apply to join the program now!

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Barracudas Rugby League Development Program


The Program

The Bayside Barracudas offer a unique program and opportunity for their high-performance athletes to ensure expert coaching, a pathway to our leading partners — the Hervey Bay Seagulls, and a relationship with our NRL Patron Club — The mighty Dolphins!

Students are selected for the program through a series of Selection Trials, and must gain entry through standard enrolment at Bayside Christian College. Once selected into the program and following standard enrolment at the College, students will join other like-minded, competitive athletes, ready to aim for the highest performance and achievement in their chosen sport.

Unlike most development programs, the Bayside Barracudas will study rugby league as a subject during the normal timetabled day and will have between 160–320 minutes of dedicated time per week to learn the game from the region’s leading A-grade Coach, undertaking gym work for strength and conditioning, learning about sports nutrition, sports psychology, human sports performance and undertake training sessions. Students will have the opportunity to gain accreditation as a Coach and/or Referee as a part of the Program, and be given an opportunity to meet some of the greats of the game! Upon Graduation in Year 12, students will be invited to join the Barracudas’ Alumni Mentoring Program to receive further support in developing their game and career goals. This Mentoring Program is designed to provide students additional support as they move from the school-based environment to tertiary study and/or the work environment.

The College is also pleased to announce the development of the Barracudas Strength and Conditioning Centre — a state of the art training facility for the next generation of Rugby League greats! This centre will house commercial quality aerobic, conditioning, and strength development apparatus to support our players.

Sport development takes time, and this can place an additional burden on young people as they try to manage their study. For this reason, every student in the program has an academic mentor who can provide additional assistance and support as they navigate and balance sports training, school work … and some time for themselves and family.

This outstanding program will enable members of the Barracudas to connect with the broader rugby league community, receive outstanding tuition, study all aspects of the game by studying rugby league as a subject in their course, develop a pathway to the region’s leading Club, and develop themselves through educational programs in sports nutrition, sports psychology, and human performance analysis.

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Sports Nutrition

Food gives us energy. Getting to know how much you need to eat can take time but will set you up well for great sporting performance. Students will be guided in this important facet of elite sports.

Sports Psychology

Sport psychology is the study of psychological factors that influence, and are influenced by, participation in sport, exercise, and physical activity, and the application of this knowledge to training.

Human Sports Performance

This applies the study of science to sporting activities. The focus is to help maximise performance and endurance in preparation for events and competitions while lessening the risk of injury.

Program Partners

NRL Dolphins

The Dolphins are a professional rugby league football team based in the Redcliffe Peninsula area of the Moreton Bay Region (which is part of the greater Brisbane area of South East Queensland), that competes in the Australian National Rugby League (NRL). Launched as a bid for inclusion into the NRL by Queensland Cup side Redcliffe Dolphins in 2020, the Dolphins were granted a separate licence in October 2021 to compete as the national league’s 17th side from the 2023 season onwards.

Bayside Barracudas are thrilled to have them as our partner and patron club.

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Hervey Bay Seagulls

As the President of Hervey Bay Seagulls, I am delighted to announce our exclusive partnership with the Bayside Christian College’s Bayside Barracudas Rugby League Development Program.

Bayside Christian College is a small, but exclusive school offering a wide range of subjects and specialities. With the introduction of the Bayside Barracudas Rugby League Development Program, Bayside Christian College is now ready to be the leading school on the Fraser Coast for academics and sports performance.

Unlike other schools, Bayside Christian College offers Rugby League as a subject, so students in the exclusive program can study the game, undertake strength and conditioning exercises, train, and learn all about sports nutrition, sports psychology and human sports performance while at school.

Further, they will be supported by their own academic mentor, and upon graduation, students will have access to the Program’s Mentors to help them navigate and further plan their careers.

The Seagulls have decided to back the Bayside Barracudas and welcome them as a part of our community as they will produce the finest Rugby League players and fast become a leading regional player in Rugby League development.

Joseph Witteman
President, Hervey Bay Seagulls

Hervey Bay Seagulls logo
Seagulls player kicking football

Meet the Coaching Staff

Bayside Christian College is proud to announce the appointment of Mr Brett Carter as the Head of Rugby League and Mr Michael Bennett as the Assistant Head of Rugby League at the Bayside Barracudas.

It is an honour to have one of the region’s leading and most proven Coaches to now lead of Rugby League Development Program. Mr Carter has over 17 years’ experience coaching Rugby League, including Juniors, Seniors, Internationals, School-based and various representative teams. These teams have included the Redcliffe Dolphins, Hervey Bay Seagulls, Fraser Coast Crushers, and the Wide Bay Bulls. Mr Carter’s passion for his sport and skill in developing this through sequenced, dedicated and holistic training sets him apart from a great many others.

The College is also fortunate to have an Assistant Coach with not only significant experience in Club competition in Australia and England as a player, but former President of the Taren Point Seagulls, current Coach of the Hervey Bay Seagulls and a man with significant experience in Sports Training and Injury Prevention and Management.

These appointments now mean that those players who are fortunate enough to gain entry into this selective program, will be training under one of the most influential and highly qualified Coaches in the region — a rare and wonderful opportunity, and supported on their journey by a leading Sports Trainer.

Further, given our unique partnership with the Hervey Bay Seagulls Rugby League Club, this program now provides not only the finest Coaches, but a wonderful potential pathway for game development far beyond school.

Brian Grimes
Bayside Christian College


Barracudas Coaches with foootball
Brian Grimes
Mr Brett Carter

Mr Brett Carter

Head of Rugby League

Rugby League has been an integral part of my life, having played since I was five years old and holding seventeen years of coaching experience. During this time, I have coached a wide variety of teams including Juniors, Seniors, Internationals, School-based and various representative teams. These teams have included the Redcliffe Dolphins, Hervey Bay Seagulls, Fraser Coast Crushers, and the Wide Bay Bulls. I have led these teams to various Carnivals across Queensland and numerous Championships.

Currently I hold a Senior Club coaching qualification, League Safe and Referee credentials, have been appointed as the A-Grade Coach for the Hervey Bay Seagulls Rugby League Club. I have also held various leadership roles including Coaching Coordinator, Head Coach for the Hervey Bay Seagulls Development Program and the Fraser Coast Crushers Representative Coordinator.

As a Junior I began my love of rugby league playing for the Redcliffe Dolphins. During my years there I played with many big names of the NRL and at the time was the youngest member of the Redcliffe Dolphins Junior Development Squad, coached by the now Chairman of the NRL Dolphins, Mr Bob Jones. This experience enabled me to develop my rugby league skills and the opportunity to play against the Illawarra Steelers Academy team and play in many representative sides, including playing for Queensland as Junior.

I have continued playing for many years and I enjoy sharing my skills and techniques as a Coach. My background includes proven success in training, coaching, guiding, and developing players to meet their goals and enhance team performance. From organising drills and demonstrating proper techniques to coordinating game-day logistics and involvement in representative coaching, my experience has prepared me to excel in this role at Bayside Christian College, and to now lead the Bayside Barracudas Rugby League Development Program as the Head of Rugby League.

Mr Michael Bennett

Mr Michael Bennett

Assistant Head of Rugby League

Through the guidance and encouragement by the pastor from my local Boys Brigade of the Baptist Church, I first began my adventure with rugby league. I was a troubled 9-year-old youth living in inner-city Sydney with very few friends after moving from Brisbane. This was my introduction to a team sport and a world where I would make lifetime friends and experience many wonderful team and personal rewards.

On a personal level I became more engaged with my school, and flourished into a more than just a competent student. The training, mentoring, and support my coaches in rugby league gave me in those early years set me up for an incredible life journey.

Through my rugby league career of 25 years as a player I have been fortunate to play in various school level representative teams, and club teams in Newtown and South Sydney, as well as being contracted to play in the English Rugby league competition. These experiences led me to take on the role as the inaugural president of the Taren Point Seagulls in Sydney.

Since moving to Hervey Bay in 2014, my continued involvement with rugby league has been with the Hervey Bay Seagulls. My current role is assistant to the A-grade coach with qualifications as a League Safe Trainer, Level 1 Sports Trainer, First Aid, CPR and Community Coach. My main role is specialising in hydration, injury identification, injury prevention, taping, and concussion protocols.

As a custodian of a team sport program within Bayside Christian College, my role in assisting the Head of Rugby League is an exciting opportunity to continue passing on the lessons, experiences learnt from my previous, current coaches, mentors and teammates.

Want to Join the Program?

Bayside Christian College now invites applications from both boys and girls for our Bayside Barracudas Rugby League Development Program.

Students wishing to be a part of the Rugby League Development Program must complete an application form and provide evidence of their interest and participation in rugby league.

Selection Trials will be held in Term 3 each year at Bayside Christian College. Students selected through these competitive trials will then be invited to apply and will be considered for enrolment at Bayside Christian College. It is important to remember that to be a part of this specialist Rugby League Development Program, students must be enrolled at Bayside Christian College.

Students selected to be a part of the Bayside Barracudas Rugby League Development Program, following the Selection Trials and the Enrolment process at the College, will be offered a full bursary for all College tuition fees through the Bayside Barracudas Rugby League Development Program and invited to join the College and this elite Development Program.

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Thank you for your interest. Should you wish further information on the Bayside Barracudas Rugby League Development Program, add your details and send the form below. A representative of the College will contact you during school hours.

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